is a powerful appetite suppressant that is meant to assist you in establishing a new, healthy lifestyle.

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About Phentermine

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Achieve significant weight loss with Phentermine, the most widely-prescribed weight loss pill in the US. It has a unique ability to suppress appetite when you need it the most.

Burn stubborn fats

Suppresses cravings and appetite

Boost mood and energy levels

Increase digestion efficiency

Frequently Asked Questions


It stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This decreases the appetite and those who use it tend to eat less, resulting in a calorie deficit and weight loss.

Weight loss with Phentermine depends on your body and how well you can adjust to the diet. Typically, the average weight loss per month is 5 to 10 pounds.

Phentermine helps you lose weight by controlling your hunger and resist cravings. It works immediately after you take it giving you all-day hunger control.

Phentermine works immediately in suppressing your appetite. After ingestion, it reaches peak concentration in 3 to 4.4 hours.

It is approved for short-term use in weight loss. You may find phentermine useful if intensive lifestyle changes have not helped you to lose weight.

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Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant that is meant to assist you in establishing a new, healthy lifestyle. It’s widely produced and sold in the United States. Currently, it’s the most widely used prescription weight loss medication in the country.

Phentermine 30 Pills 30mg


Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant that is meant to assist you in establishing a new, healthy lifestyle. It’s widely produced and sold in the United States. Currently, it’s the most widely used prescription weight loss medication in the country.

Product info

Phentermine for Weight Loss

Phentermine is a powerful appetite suppressant that is meant to assist you in establishing a new, healthy lifestyle. It’s widely produced and sold in the United States. Currently, it’s the most widely used prescription weight loss medication in the country.

36 reviews for Phentermine 30 Pills 30mg

  1. Hannah Grant

    Obese no more. It has been almost a year since I took phentermine. I had always been fat but I gained even more weight on the first couple of months of the pandemic so I decided that I need to eat less since there’s not much that you can do since you can’t go out. With the help of this pills, I lost a total of 70 lbs and have reached my normal weight.

  2. Leo Howard

    Ain’t gonna work properly if you don’t have a proper meal plan. Having a proper meal plan provides proper results. I got more energy so I used it for exercise, makes me burn even more calories while I take less. Choosing food that has even lesser calories while eating even less is the best setup you could get from taking the pills.

  3. Chelsea Henderson

    I have been overweight since I was a kid. Never had that adolescent glow up were kids suddenly become awesome when they reach some certain ages. I even got heavier after I had my first child and now I needed to lose some weight for health reasons. It’s not good to keep myself being at risk while my child is still a baby so I decided to lose weight for the better. I have been on phentermine for 4 months. I have lost more than 30lbs. If I get on this track I might get to reach my normal weight for the first time ever.

  4. Mason Allen

    I live a sedentary lifestyle. I work as a programmer and my free time are nothing but video games so I have not much to do. The pandemic made things even worse since I started depending on having stuffs ordered and delivered to me instead of buying them on the store myself. Ended up gaining more weight. I’m taking phentermine to counter that. Started losing a couple of pounds.

  5. Kimberley Olson

    This is great for people with eating problems like me. I used to easily get hungry so I eat a lot but yet I still feel hungry after just 1-3 hours no matter how much I ate. Phentermine eliminated that problem for me and now, I am comfortable eating just about 2-4 times a day. My weight is already gradually decreasing towards a normal BMI.

  6. Demi Bradley

    I got fat and I’m not sure why. My lifestyle was the same. My eating habit is the same as before but I started gaining weight. I think it’s the quality of food we have now a days. I get more and more fast foods and deliveries and I also think it’s part of aging or my metabolism slowing down. So I needed to eat less now. Good thing phentermine works best in handling that.

  7. Leonor Graham

    I did not lose as much as I wanted even though I have been on these pills for a month. I just lost around 7lbs. But I’ll still keep on taking them though for as long as I lose weight. It’s better than not losing at all. I also think I’ll be losing more this coming months as my body is adjusting to phentermine. Maybe my body was still trying to hold on to my dear fats during the first month.

  8. Kristen Griffin

    My brother is a mess. He’s overweight and eats a lot and won’t even listen when getting reprimanded. If there’s no food he just sneaks somewhere and get himself something to eat. I tried having him take these pills bit won’t do. So I grind the pills into powder and mix it to his food or drink. I slowly start seeing difference with his habits. He’s not eating as much as before or finishes his food as fast.

  9. Marissa Collins

    This pills are really great for people going on a diet. You don’t need to make yourself suffer with forcing yourself not to eat. You can have your body do that for you by taking these pills.
    I’ve gained a lot of weight because of pregnancy. I literally started to look like a big balloon. With the help of phentermine, my appetite greatly reduced which led to a decrease in my weight. This is awesome! Losing weight is now so easy.

  10. Sylvia Harper

    Getting phentermine pills online is a lot cheaper and would let you save cash. Some online pharmacies even save you the hassle of getting a script and get them right away. I lost 15lbs after taking phentermine consistently for a month. I still need to lose more weight so I’m still going to continue with this pills.

  11. Bianca Harris

    I was on depression medication since I was a teenager. I started gaining weight since then. I just had a baby last year which made me gain even more weight. I needed to lose weight since blood pressure and sugar levels are borderline high. Started eating less but I get too hungry that sometimes it gets painful. Phentermine took away the hunger and pain and I am now on my diet smoother than ever. Already lost 7 lbs since I started 2 weeks ago.

  12. Emma Ellis

    I have been taking phentermine for almost 3 months now and I already lost around 30lbs. Sometimes the how much I lose per week goes up and sometimes down, but generally, my weight trend is always going lower and lower.

  13. Harrison Patel

    The heavier you are, the less likely you would want to move around which makes you gain even more weight. I noticed this since my weight got to become both fat and normal and fat again and normal again. The problem will always be harder in slimming down than gaining weight. Phentermine will assist you in your difficulty in controlling your food.

  14. Alicia Bryant

    This is the real thing. It’s my 3rd time to go on a diet with this. It works every time. I already lost 38 lbs in 2 months. You won’t really lose much weight in the first week but you just have to be patient and it will just drop continuously.

  15. Morgan Watson

    I just turned 19 and I’m heavier than ever. I don’t want stepping on my 20s with this weight. I wanted to stop the teasing and bullying that I had in school. I wanted those comeback scenes you get to see in movies. So I decided to cut some food and do some exercise. But I’m not losing fast enough, so I consulted my doctor and got a suggestion to take phentermine. My waste line dropped 2 inches in just 2 months. My pants are just loose on me. I’m planning to lose more weight so I’ll delay buying new pants until after I drop some more weight.

  16. Anika Wallace

    I have been taking them since May. I have lost 40lbs. I am down to 160 from 200 lbs. I am 28 5’5 and has been fat my entire life and has never felt confident about myself. Now that I was able to successfully push down my weight with the help of phentermine, I can feel my self-confidence rising. I didn’t believe the reviews before. But now that I was able to personally prove its effectiveness, I’m a believer.

  17. Marcus Phillips

    I started taking half tablets and seems to work pretty well. I don’t feel any difference after taking the whole tab for 2 weeks and has been losing pretty decently so I went back in taking just half the tab. Didn’t experience any side effect since I started taking it. I’m lucky the half tab already works for me so the stocks I currently have can be stretched longer.

  18. Frances Graham

    I got jittery on the first day of taking it. It made me fear its effects and was planning to stop but my friend advised me to just reduce my dose in half and just ease my weight into it. Apparently having jitters is a quite common side effect for those who take them. I started taking whole tabs after a month and the jitters seem to be long gone now. I am contented with the rate of my weight loss with this pills.

  19. Denise Rice

    Provides a good mood. Happy to lose 12lbs in a month. It’s not much but it’s a huge progress from before. I started getting motivated to exercise. Just started doing short walks in the morning. It’s easier since you start feeling lighter. Hopefully the motivation to do more will just snowball from here. It feels like that’s how it’s going to be.

  20. Archie Duncan

    Started taking 15 mg on the first week and on full 30mg tabs on the 2nd week. Starting weight was at 219. I am a 5’8 male and have been planning to lose weight for some time now. I had tried starting some exercise and diet for quite some time but I just can’t seem to have the discipline to do it all the way. But losing 8lbs in 2 weeks got me motivated and I started counting my calories. It was quite hard at first especially mentally but I got over it. Biggest motivation to stay on track was the initial progress I had after taking some phentermine.

  21. James Russell

    More than 2 weeks in and I lost 15lbs already. I was stuck with my weight for quite some time. My weight was up to 140lbs due to the pandemic. There wasn’t just really much to do and I got used to being lazy even after the world started opening up business again. I tried some light walks in the morning for a month but there was no difference. My weight was just fluctuating between 137-140 lb range. It just goes up and down. I stopped doing the walks. The effects are just the same So I just stopped it. I got phentermine and got my first 6lbs out in the first week and things just keep getting better and better.

  22. James Arnold

    I just started taking them and I noticed that I easily feel full and don’t get hungry easily after just 2 days of taking them. I got lazy since the lockdowns and I just don’t have the motivation and the habits of working out anymore. I want to go back but my body feels heavy. I need to start slow and start with appetite control. I can now see myself losing weight with this controlled appetite.

  23. Lyndon Roberts

    This is a really good weight loss supplement. I don’t get hungry a lot. I used to frequently feel hungry throughout the day that I had been having a lot of in between snacks that contributed to my uncontrolled weight gain. With phentermine, eating my three main meals is already enough for me. I already lost 6lbs in 2weeks. That’s a pretty fast progress for me.

  24. Scott Stephens

    I started working out but it seems like I am just getting bigger and bigger. It seems like my muscle is building up but I can’t seem to cut the fats. I just turned out to be some big guy like some of the other guys in the gym. I want to have that model-looking body and working out alone seems not to be enough. I needed to cut my food but it isn’t easy. I got phentermine and suddenly, diet seems to be natural to me. It used to be a drag but now it seems normal. Lost 4 lbs in a week and my arms are showing some signs of curves from the muscle shape.

  25. Natasha Collins

    When I first started phentermine, I was having a difficult time falling asleep and was experiencing a bit of dizziness. I did lose 2 pounds on my first day so I continued the pill despite the side effects. But the side effects lasted for just about 3 days and subsided. By the 4th day, I only have 15 pounds more to lose to reach my goal so I can surely say this pill really works. I tried way more expensive treatments before that costs a fortune but didn’t work. But with phentermine, I need not sell my car to lose weight. This is so cheap yet works as it’s supposed to.

  26. Herman Fisher

    I started taking this when my weight was 289 lbs. and after 2 weeks of taking this, I was able to lose almost 23 pounds and my jean size already went down. I did experience some side effects like feeling tired early in the evening and occasional dry mouth during the first 10 days of taking the pills. But I really didn’t mind since they are working really well in helping me lose weight. I’ll continue taking this until I lose all this unwanted weight.

  27. Emma Patterson

    I didn’t know that weight loss was just that simple. I tried getting into a lower calorie diet before but it seems not to work much and it frustrated me. Also gave me an excuse not to do much of an effort since it’s not working anyway. I then decided to enroll into a weight loss clinic and it’s the same thing. But I got phentermine this time. The diet was easier than what I remember and I am down 10lbs in just 3 weeks.

  28. Michelle Simpson

    Phentermine does not magically make you thin. It’s your lack of appetite that makes you lose weight. I had friends who are against about me taking it. But I tried cutting my diet before but it just wasn’t sustainable. I just end up relapsing with just a few instances of occasions or temptations. Phentermine makes me eat less regardless what food is presented in front of me. I get easily full even if I want to eat more or even if I have access to all of my favorite steaks. I just don’t have it in me to eat that much ever since I started taking phentermine. My amazing weight loss is making this pills very worth it.

  29. Jasper Henderson

    I’m 2 months in with phentermine and I already lost 19lbs. I know it isn’t much compared to others but I also do heavy lifts in the gym which built my muscle. I think I would have lost more weight if I had no muscles but I want the muscles so here we are. My muscles also looks good and toned thanks to reduced body fat from my restricted diet. I am more on protein rich foods and I get full with them too. I’m planning to cut down my phentermine dose as soon as I’m nearing my goal and see how it works out for me.

  30. Jake Smith

    Diets are exhausting and it’s not even fun. You can’t even eat much of the few terrible food that is left for your selection. I was on a weight loss program from a clinic and everyday was torture and I failed to go on the program a few couple of times. But things became different after I took phentermine. Things were easier. Diet was easy. I get full fast and I lose weight fast.

  31. Lark Collins

    Few months ago, I started taking phentermine and it really helped suppress my appetite. I usually feel hungry frequently before starting this. I also noticed that my energy has increased and I was able to do workouts for a longer period of time. I did have a slight increase of heart rate on the first week which just subsided on the second week. I have used this for 2 months and I was able to lose a lot of weight. I gained some of the weight back because of the pandemic lockdown and now I’m starting this again to get back in shape.

  32. Kyla Porter

    Ever since I got older and reached late 30s, I have gained a lot of weight. Some friends tell me it’s because our metabolism slows down as we age. I tried many products for weight loss but nothing seems to work until my colleague introduced me to phentermine. With this pill, even when I wasn’t able to do daily exercise, I was able to lose 8 pounds in a month. I got motivated to really do workouts at least 4 times a week to speed the loses more and it did! Another 10pounds was lost on my 2nd month.

  33. Joanna Preston

    I went to my doctor last month for my annual physical checkup and I was told that my weight that time has placed me on the obese category. Having other comorbidities, my doctor told me I have to start losing weight asap to lessen the risk of having life-threatening conditions. So I started phentermine and was able to lose enough weigh in 2 months to get me out of the obese category. I am still overweight but I’m still continuing this pills to get more weight off. I’ll stop this once I get to a normal weight. For now, I’m so thankful to have tried this.

  34. Zoe Harris

    I started at 220 lbs and I am now down at 193lbs in just a month. That’s 27 lbs for just a month of taking phentermine and I wont be stopping now. I’m so happy with what’s going on with my body that I gotta drop some review. I don’t usually drop any. But this is life-changing!

  35. Rosemary Foster

    I am now taking phentermine for almost half a year now. I take them on 1 day intervals. I was really overweight since I was a kid and I just loved eating. I already lost 60 lbs since then and I started hitting the gym just last month. I got more confidence since I already lost a lot of weight. Not I’m more motivated to make body look even better. I’m just happy that i knew about these pills

  36. Matilda Larson

    After COVID hit, I started gaining weight by just being locked at home. I was diagnosed with depression so being locked up at home just triggered it even more. I was stress eating for most times and was also worried about the sickness roaming around the town. In a years time I gained 32 lbs which made me depressed and lose confidence even more. I have been taking them for a month now and lost already 11lbs. I’m positive about my future weight. I hope it keeps on going well.

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